ALVI Purchase FAQs

My air quality seems OK, can ALVI still help me?

Yes an ALVI can certainly help. Micro-particulate account for over 90% of all particulates in our air and traditional filters are not able to filter them. Often the effects of airborne micro-particulate can be subtle at first but potentially fatal in the long term. Shorter term symptoms of poor indoor air quality include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, lack of focus, lack of energy and fatigue. The longer term effects can be severely debilitating or fatal and include respiratory diseases, heart disease, dementia and cancer. ALVI improves the air quality in your home by removing micro-particulate from the air that a traditional furnace filter cannot remove. 

“It is prudent to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.”-EPA   

Where does ALVI go in my home?

Essentially any place that you currently use a traditional 1” filter ALVI can replace that filter. Most common ALVI uses are in your furnace or a return grill on the wall/ceiling

How is ALVI different from traditional furnace filters? 

Traditional filters were initially designed to protect the furnace equipment from dust build-up without much consideration for the occupants of the home or building. In doing so the traditional filters do not filter the very tiny micro-particles that do the most damage to our bodies. ALVI is the new generation of furnace filter that was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to remove harmful micro-particulate, including VOC’s and mold spores, protecting our bodies and minds as well as our furnace equipment.   

How does ALVI work? 

ALVI is your home's dust magnet. It attracts dust by creating a polarized field around the filter. The polarized field causes the very tiny and harmful micro-particulate, which would have passed through a traditional furnace filter, to combine together (agglomerate) making them larger in size as they approach ALVI. As the particulate continues to increase in size ALVI traps them in it’s lofted glass filter media. 


Has ALVI been independently tested? 

Yes ALVI has been independently tested and is proven to remove micro-particulate, VOC’s and mold spores from the air with performance comparable to HEPA systems. 

Please review results here:

ALVI Micro-particulate Performance Data

ALVI VOC Performance Data

ALVI Mold Performance Data

Where else is the ALVI polarization technology used today? 

The ALVI polarization technology is currently being used in homes, hospitals, universities, condos and offices all across North America. Recently the ALVI technology was installed in Canada’s first Platinum LEED building at the Earth Rangers facility. There is a growing movement towards cleaner indoor air and we’d love to invite you to join it.    

How do I know if I have micro-particulate in my air? 

Indoor micro-particulate exists in all buildings and homes and is present in your air. They are made up of skin, dander, dust mites, fabric fibers, pollen, insect fragments, mould spores and building material particulate. Activities such as smoking, candles, air fresheners and poor vacuum filters all contribute to airborne micro-particulate. Traditional air filters don’t have the ability to remove micro-particulate and allow them to circulate freely throughout the home or building. HEPA and ALVI filters have been demonstrated as highly effective at removing harmful micro-particulate from the air.  

Can ALVI help provide relief for my allergy symptoms?

In many cases allergy symptoms are caused by airborne micro-particulate or mold spores in the air. If your allergies symptoms are caused by these sources ALVI may help in providing relief.

Can ALVI remove odors from my air? 

Yes, ALVI’s filter media is constructed with conductive carbon which helps remove odors from the air. Some odors that ALVI has helped remove are cooking, fresh paint, pet and smoke odours. 

What if my ALVI doesn’t fit in my furnace/return grill? 

We guarantee ALVI’s fit into your furnace or return grill. ALVI is built to the same size as the traditional filters which allows for a simple swap, no retrofits or tools needed. If for some reason your ALVI does not fit let us know and we’ll make it right. 

I’m renovating my home, will ALVI help reduce the dust?

Yes ALVI can help reduce the airborne dust and particulates caused by construction such as drywall and saw dust. ALVI may also help reduce the clean-up needed afterwards as not as much dusting would be needed.  

If I purchase an ALVI do I still need my portable air purifiers?  

With an ALVI you no longer need portable air filtration units in your home. Portable units are expensive, bulky and take up valuable floor space. while also requiring regular cleaning. ALVI is “whole-home solution” that offers a simple way for its users to ensure they are breathing the best quality air while saving on energy costs and keeping connected to the air in their home via the mobile app.

How do I know what size to select? 

The simplest way to find your size is to look at your existing furnace filter and read the size from this. If you don’t see your size on the list please reach out to our team and we may be able to help.  

Is ALVI difficult to install?

ALVI is extremely easy to set up and requires no tools.. Simply slide out your existing traditional furnace filter from the filter slot or return grill and insert your ALVI unit. Plug in the ALVI, download the app and follow the steps on the screen.  

How does ALVI get its power? 

ALVI simply plugs into a standard wall outlet nearby.    

What if I don’t have an outlet nearby? 

If you do not have an outlet nearby your furnace or return grill, ALVI can be plugged into an extension cord or a light bulb adaptor.. 

Note: If you use a light bulb adaptor, ensure it has a pull string to be able to toggle the light separately from the ALVI unit. These can be purchased at your neighborhood hardware store.

Example below:

How much does it cost?

If you wanted to provide your home with the best air quality, a HEPA system would cost over $1000 to install and consume more energy in the process. ALVI retails for $299, has the potential to save you up to $200/year and will keep you connected to your home’s air quality.

How long do ALVI replacement filter pads last?

ALVI replacement media pads have a lifetime range of 3-6 months. You may notice your first filter will soil faster than subsequent replacement pads as the initial filter is removing the micro-particulate that has been circulating in your home.

Is ALVI an ionizer? 

No, ALVI uses a polarizing technology which is very different from ionizing. 

Does ALVI produce harmful levels of ozone?

No, ALVI is in compliance with, and surpasses all applicable FDA standards. 

How do I know when it is time to change my filter?

The ALVI app will send you notifications when it’s time to change your filter, and can even order new filters on your behalf right to your front door. Each home is different, they are different sizes, have different occupants, have pets, and are located in different areas. With all these different components, each filter needs to be changed accordingly. ALVI is able to determine the correct time to change your filter based on your homes conditions.

How do I change my ALVI Filter Pad?


Where can I download the app? 

The app can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple App Store and is free to download.

Which smartphones does the app work on? 

The ALVI app works on all smartphone devices.