Class A Commercial Office Space

2.1.1 Segment Definition:

  • Building class definitions categorize office buildings as Class A, Class B and Class C. In many markets, Class A can be subdivided into sub-categories such as Prestige, AAA, AA and A
  • The most prestigious buildings with the most amenities in the best locations. They generally are the most attractive buildings built with the highest quality materials and construction methods. Additionally, these buildings usually have a professional manager, good access, and are typically located in highly visible areas on high traffic streets. Due to their exceptional quality, Class A Buildings are usually leased to reputable tenants at the highest rental rates in the market.

2.1.2 Target Customer Persona/Job title:  

  • Operations Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Asset Manager 
  • Sustainability Manager
  • Health and safety manager

2.1.3 Reasons why ALVI resonates with this segment: 

  • Capture & kill airborne viruses, bacteria, mold etc.
  • HEPA-class air quality for building at a fraction of the price of a HEPA system
  • Concerned tenants within the buildings who make requests for better air quality
  • Reduce building energy consumption, lower carbon footprint
  • Lower total cost of ownership vs. traditional filters
  • Reduce building maintenance costs
  • Current HVAC filters are potential biohazards for facility maintenance staff
  • CleanAir Safety System supports LEED, Fitwel, & WELL build projects
  • Monitor facility air quality performance, highest levels of indoor air quality maintained at all times
  • Plug-and-Play installation into building & home HVAC systems. Zero new equipment purchase required.

2.1.4 Common challenges with this segment:

  • Property managers are always looking for ways to reduce cost in their buildings. Their budgets are often tapped out for necessary and more pressing needs
  • These groups are cost centers and are always working to reduce their operational expenses making it an uphill battle in proposing new technology that does not show a clear and direct reduction in cost
  • Direction to change to an ALVI CleanAir Safety system often comes from a different business unit such as sustainability. 
  • Property managers air quality initiatives are motivated by tenant request for increased indoor air quality
  • Property managers often need an ongoing air quality challenge prior to adding additional air quality measures
  • Hesitation to implement new technology without a clear ROI benefits 

2.1.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

  • UBS 
  • Shelbourne 
  • Austin Texas (Carrier office)
  • Short Term Stay Dwellings and Hotels 

  • 2.2.1 Segment Definition:

    • Short Term Stay Dwellings can be hotels, motels, inns etc… 
    • This segment is cost sensitive
    • One of the most important metrics for this segment is REVPAR- Revenue Per Available Room
    • Other important metrics include ADR-Average Daily Rate, 

    2.2.2 Target Customer Persona/Job title:  

    • Executives in large hotel chains
    • General Managers of boutique hotels 

    2.2.3 Reasons why ALVI Resonates with this segment: 

    • Hotels can monetize ALVI and charge a higher amount per room for a “CleanAir Stay” 
    • The return on investment for hotels is very clear
    • Marketing and branding their hotels and rooms as environmentally friendly, safe, clean.
    • With the ALVI SMART systems, hotels can detect IAQ events such as smoking that may be happening in rooms. 

    2.2.4 Common challenges with this segment:

    • Hesitation with implementing new technology
    • Unknown demand for “CleanAir Stays” 

    2.2.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

    • Bode Hotels 
    • Marriott Vacations
  • Education institutions 

  • 2.3.1 Segment Definition:

    • Education institutions can be either public or private educational institutions ranging from K-12, college and university. 

    2.3.2 Target Customer Persona/Job title:  

    • School board executives
    • School board health and safety staff
    • School board sustainability officers
    • School board trustees 
    • University health and safety staff
    • University property managers 
    • University sustainability officers

    2.3.3 Reasons why ALVI resonates with this segment: 

    • Post COVID-19 pandemic there has been significant discussion around air quality in these facilities
    • Teachers are in crowded classrooms with students which are often unmasked. This poses a big risk to the teachers and their families
    • Concerned parents feel safer knowing that the schools are equipped with some form of air purifier  

    2.3.4 Common challenges with this segment:

    • School boards are often government organizations and can be slow moving 
    • (Idea): might be quicker to move forward with private schools
    • RFP’s must be monitored and submitted

    2.3.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

    • Ask for references 
    • Stuart Myers has been involved with school system installations that include K-12 & Post-secondary institutions
  • Government Facilities

  • 2.4.1 Segment Definition:

    • Buildings owned by government bodies

    2.4.2 Target Customer Persona/Job title:  

    • Sustainability Managers
    • Operations Managers
    • Technical Managers
    • Property Managers
    • Senior Manager Building Technologies

    2.4.3 Reasons why ALVI Resonates with this segment: 

    • Government facilities looking to increase occupancy and promote a healthy return to work environment
    • Government employees demand higher standards around work environment
    • Government facilities upgraded to MERV 13’s & 14’s during the pandemic which has increased building energy costs. CleanAir Safety System can deliver superior air quality performance without the increased pressure drop
    • Government facilities tend to be older buildings with aged HVAC systems that can’t handle increased pressure drop of MERV 13 & 14 filters,

    2.4.4 Common challenges with this segment:

    • Government procurement process can be lengthy and slow moving
    • Additional parties/influencers brought in the along the way that need to be brought up to speed
    • Government tends to create separation between company and true decision makers

    2.4.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

    • Government of Canada/PSPC
    • BGIS

  • Multi-Family Dwellings

  • 2.5.1 Segment Definition:

    • A building or dwelling that has more than four residential units.

    2.5.2 Customer Persona/Job title:  

    • Head of Procurement
    • Head of Innovation
    • Director of Energy & Sustainability
    • VP of Strategic Services
    • Construction Manager

    2.5.3 Reasons why ALVI Resonates with this segment: 

    • Clean Air added as an amenity item for building
    • Differentiate between neighboring buildings
    • Marketing communication piece for prospective tenants
    • Provide peace of mind to current tenants
    • Enhance facility maintenance procedures, maintain air quality at all times

    2.5.4 Common challenges with this segment:

    2.5.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

    • Fairstead
    • UBS

    2.6 Human Resource 

    2.6.1 Segment Definition:

    • Human resource departments of corporations that administer employee perk programs and benefits

    2.6.2 Customer Persona/Job title:  

    • COO
    • HR Director
    • HR Manager 
    • Benefits administrator

    2.6.3 Reasons why ALVI Resonates with this segment: 

    • ALVI can be offered to employees as a Perk for their homes
    • How it works: Employers pays monthly subscription for employees. CleanAir.,ai will ship ALVI directly to employees home and work with them directly. 
    • Benefits of the perk
      • Improved employee productivity
      • Improved employee retention
      • Improved employee attraction
      • Lower absenteeism with employees

    2.6.4 Common challenges with this segment:

    • We have little proof points and customers in this segment

    2.6.5 Existing Customers in Segment: 

    • none