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Creating a True Wellness Experience For Your Guests

Providing your guests with a Clean Air Stay experience can build customer loyalty and promote an atmosphere of wellness and hygiene for your brand. 

The ALVI CleanAir Safety System® can be installed into existing fan coil units in hotel rooms.  With the ALVI SMART sensors, hotels can monitor the air filters in each room and know precisely when to change them. The ALVI CleanAir Safety System® can detect and mitigate IAQ events such as smoking in rooms, alerting staff and reducing sanitization costs.  

Hotels can monetize and charge a higher amount per room for a “CleanAir Stay”. Through marketing and communicating rooms as environmentally friendly, safe, clean. Hotel properties generally charge a higher nightly rate for their clean air rooms, compared with their standard rooms, and while the amount varies depending on the hotel, a stay can generate 5 to 7 percent more revenue.

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