Hospitals and Medical Facilities


Protecting the most vulnerable when needed the most.

The ALVI CleanAir Safety System® is used in hospital common areas and non-surgical suites to deliver superior air quality performance over the traditional MERV filters. The ALVI CleanAir Safety System® removes microparticulate as small as 0.007 microns including live pathogens, microorganisms, odors, VOC’s and allergens. The polarized field in the ALVI Filter has been independently tested and shown to capture and kill live pathogens and microorganisms including bacteria and viruses.

Hospitals often use MERV 13 or higher HVAC filters for non critical areas creating a significant energy penalty for the building. Installing ALVI Filters in place of the existing MERV filters will reduce fan power and the make-up air required to heat/cool the building.

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