How The CleanAir Safety System Works.

HEPA Class air quality for the building occupants. The CleanAir Safety System captures and kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and removes VOCs and other harmful particulate by creating an electromagnetic field. This field binds the microparticulate together, deactivates the viruses/bacteria and traps them in the filter. The result is cleaner air, lower absenteeism and improved productivity.

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CleanAir Safety System Removes microparticulate

The CleanAir Safety System was tested against HEPA and MERV-rated pleated media filters and met/exceeded the performance of the tested filters. The CleanAir Safety System removes microparticulate as small as 0.007 microns, whereas HEPA and MERV-rated filters are only rated to remove particulate at 0.3 microns.

Traditional MERV-rated filters do not remove microparticulate, CleanAir does. CleanAir captures and kills viruses and microscopic contaminants from the air stream.

The result is improved energy levels, better focus, and less sick days for your workforce.

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Why Volatile Organic Compounds Matter.

VOCs are harmful gases that are emitted from a variety of materials (carpet, paint, furniture, cleaning products & more). These materials release VOCs into the indoor air for several years. 

CleanAir Safety System reduces VOCs by 46%.

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Best-in Class Air, Without The Energy Costs

The CleanAir Safety System uses low pressure drop media reducing strain on HVAC systems compared to traditional MERV-rated filters and high efficiency systems. Your building will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of the air handling system.

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Complete Air Automation for your Building

The CleanAir Safety System detects when your solution needs filter media replacements, notifies you through your Building Automation System (BAS) and CMMS, and automatically ships the replacements to your building.

The CleanAir Safety System also provides data and alerts on indoor air quality events that happen in your building.

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Tested and Certified

Third-party, certified cleanroom tests to ASHRAE and AHAM standards confirm CleanAir Safety System air quality performance and energy efficiency.

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Unmatched HVAC Air Filtration

When the CleanAir Safety System was tested against traditional MERV-rated pleated media filters, it outperformed across the board.

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