Short Term Stay Dwellings/Hotels

Short Term Stay Dwellings and Hotels

Create more reasons to increase your ADR without increasing expense

Short Term Stay Dwellings can be defined as hotels, motels, inns etc… The ALVI Clean Air Safety System will create added value for your customers, enabling you to potentially increase your REVPAR.


Positions we usually work directly with

  • Executives in large hotel chains
  • General Managers of boutique hotels


Reasons why ALVI is the right choice for you

Monetize and charge a higher amount per room for a “CleanAir Stay”. Through marketing and communicating rooms as environmentally friendly, safe, clean.

Be able to enforce stay rules. With the ALVI SMART systems, hotels can detect IAQ events such as smoking that may be happening in rooms.

Guests more than ever are demanding cleaner air for health reasons or to pollution outside. According to data released in 2019 by the World Health Organization, nine of 10 people globally breathe polluted air. Many top urban destinations, particularly in developing nations, have been recognized for unhealthy smog conditions. Wildfires are becoming more frequent, affecting the air quality for hundreds of miles. And travellers with respiratory conditions or allergies may especially benefit from breathing cleaner air.

Hotel properties generally charge a higher nightly rate for their clean air rooms, compared with their standard rooms, and while the amount varies depending on the hotel, a stay can be 5 percent to 7 percent more expensive.